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18 Sep 2023 | News
Sirius 1800 Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank: Installation in Padova
Installation of the SIRIUS 1800 ultrasonic cleaning tank in Padova: high cleaning capacity and ease of use.
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31 Aug 2023 | News
Distiller LMG induction manual or semi-automatic
Distiller LMG induction manual semi-automatic: the european patent 2022. Green technologies and great advantages.
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27 Jun 2023 | News
Wastewater Treatment: GENIUS
The GENIUS wastewater treatment plant performs sanitization treatment and hydrocarbon removal treatment that makes the water sewable.
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12 Jun 2023 | News
Horizontal plate washer with conveyor belt
ELECTRA flat plate washer with a drag mat that not only protects the plates from any risk of jamming but also acts as a drag motor.
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30 Mar 2023 | News
New Entry: Tankwasher W1
Tankwasher W1: the efficient and economical drum washer designed to wash drums with solvent or water and detergent.
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24 Mar 2023 | News
Solvent recycling in the printing industry
LMG Green is an innovative start-up that designs and manufactures systems dedicated to the recovery of solvents and waste water and industrial washing systems. We present the new website of the company!
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