STARLIGHT: Treated Water Without Chemical Additives

03 Jan 2024

STARLIGHT is a facility that allows the extraction of water from mixtures of

  • water/ink
  • water/paint
  • water/emulsion

using a patented and innovative technology that does not require chemical additives and uses low energy consumption.

How Was STARLIGHT Created?

LMG Green is an innovative start-up that bases its knowledge and technology on thirty years of experience.
Traditional technology has always relied on the production of chemico-physical plants that, to thicken the ink and separate it from water through filtration, use chemical additives.

LMG Green wanted to make a difference and, after two years of studies and tests, has created the STARLIGHT project, which eliminates the problems of this technology.

But what are the problems of traditional chemico-physical plants?

Disadvantages of Traditional Technology

First of all, variability: the percentage of ink or paint present in the water can vary, and the plant, which is not able to self-adjust based on this percentage, struggles.
The water can come out turbid, the separation can stop, and the operator must be physically present to manually set the plant.

The second problem is the residue. The residue contains chemical substances that are outside the disposal codes of the ink, leading to costly and complicated disposal management and costs.

Furthermore, the treated water retains high salinity due to the chemicals used. This salinity leads to high water conductivity, and if conductivity increases, the water’s washing capacity decreases.

Finally, the loading of the chemical powder is done manually. Twenty-kilogram bags are transported to the dispenser, located at the top of the plant.

We should not neglect the effect of humidity: the chemical powder in the dispenser is subject to the risk of caking due to the humidity in the air.

STARLIGHT was born from the desire to solve these problems for our customers, providing a totally automatic, innovative, green plant. And enabling them to obtain and apply a concrete principle of circular economy.

STARLIGHT: What Advantages?

Today STARLIGHT is presented to the market as a green innovation that separates polluted waters from inks, paints, and emulsions, to obtain treated water to be reused in production processes, and a residue composed exclusively of the primary product.

It does not require consumable products, neither chemical nor physical. This means that the treated product does not undergo changes to its original chemical/physical nature.

STARLIGHT ensures constant processes with great stability and high reliability under difficult operating conditions. As mentioned above, the variability of the water concentration to be treated does not lead to changes in the machine settings, which is able to self-adjust.

Additionally, STARLIGHT can be equipped with an activated carbon system to allow the disposal of water into the municipal water network.

But let’s see all its advantages:

  • no use of chemical products and therefore no storage
  • no use of consumables like flocculants, polyelectrolytes, and pH correctors, and their storage
  • no operation by internal personnel for the daily management of the plant
  • no loading of chemical products, management of residue, change of consumable materials like bags or filtering mats
  • no manual operation by internal personnel for machine setting in case the concentration of the pollutant changes
  • completely automatic operation 24/7
  • the residue obtained is equal to the primary product
  • achieves a productivity of over 500 liters per hour
  • allows the concrete application of the circular economy principle.

Protected by a European patent, the STARLIGHT project has become a reality: if you wish to have more information about its functioning, contact us!




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