VELA: Photopolymer Plates Washing for Printing

11 Jan 2024

VELA is a washing plant for photopolymers plates used in corrugated cardboard printing.

How does the Photopolymer Plates Washing Process Work?

The photopolymer plate is placed in the washing tank.
A cart that moves horizontally performs washing, rinsing, and blowing of the photopolymer plate in a continuous cycle. During the cycle, it performs washing with a rotating brush, then we have rinsing and blowing.

VELA is suitable for washing with water and detergent and rinsing with mains water, all in a closed circuit.
The machine also has an automatic liquid restoration function when the washing product is exhausted. The rinse water is transferred to the washing tank with the addition of detergent, and the washing tank is refilled with mains water, all automatically.

Features of VELA

The plant is equipped with a regulation system for the cliché format during the washing cycle, as well as an optional for the final drying of the photopolymer plate by heating compressed air.
Customers can also select the speed of the washing carriage based on the degree of dirtiness of the photopolymer plate. And the exhausted water? It can be conveyed to the STARLIGHT water treatment plant.

VELA has a stainless steel tank. The sides of the plant, like all LMG Green products, can be painted with a choice of RAL, customizing the machine with corporate colors.
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