Distiller LMG induction manual or semi-automatic

31 Aug 2023

The new distiller LMG induction manual or semi-automatic is a european patent 2022.

In the distillers solvents, which is a traditional technology heats a heat transfer fluid contained in a cavity of the tank to transmit heat and can lead to evaporation of the solvent to be distilled.
In most cases, you use hot oil, the oil must then be disposed of.

The oils heat transfer is not only a waste to be disposed of, and therefore a cost, but in many regions of the world , the supply is rather difficult.
This problem is the idea and the project of a master distiller, induction, that operates on the basis of a technical concept of heating that does not require the use of oils and heat transfer.

So we reach two objectives:

  • we eliminate the need to secure supplies of oil, which, as we have said, in some regions, is a resource that is difficult to supply and complex to be disposed of.;
  • we eliminate the thermal oil are spent to dispose of, with a gain of the company and the environment.

How does it work?

The distiller LMG has a principle of heating and evaporation of the solvents based on the induction heat.

A single plate transmits the heat directly to the solvent, which evaporates.
The steam is condensed through a radiator, and fed into a container, and then be reused.

What are the advantages?

The distiller induction is a plant in green technology. It costs more than a traditional distiller, hot oil, but, in addition to the benefits that we have listed above, has a considerable savings in maintenance, because it is not more necessary to the periodic change of the thermal oil. As well as a saving in the costs of smaltimeno, because there are more oils heat transfer to dispose of.

Also, with the direct heating lowers the length of the overall cycle of the machine, the cycle of distillaztheone is more short – resulting in the reduction of energy consumption.

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