Horizontal plate washer with conveyor belt

12 Jun 2023

ELECTRA is a dishwashing system patented by LMG Green. Compared with ordinary plate-washing systems, which have been on the market for many years, ELECTRA is the result of an idea born from direct discussion with customers.

By thoroughly examining the problems encountered in washing operations, chief among them plate breakage, we designed a horizontal plate washer with a conveyor belt. How does it differ from traditional plate washes? Let’s look at it in detail.

A new concept of plate washing

ELECTRA is based on a new concept of washing and safeguarding the plate. The main problems encountered by customers are the difficulty in protecting the plates-which are extremely expensive-during washing cycles and the complexity of maintaining the plate washers. Our competitors’ technologies are based on a plate transfer system inside the washing, rinsing and heating chamber by multiple rubber roller couplings. So many transmission components, each a critical point of the machine.

We solved both problems.

At the strategic heart of ELECTRA is a system consisting of a conveyor belt for the plates, which not only protects them from any risk of jamming but also acts as the drive motor for all the mechanical parts of the machine. A single motor powers all mechanisms and transmissions in the plant.

In addition, experience over the years has led us to formulate and produce a range of detergents that ensure excellent washing results while protecting the internal organs of the machine (plastic, aluminum, and others).

ELECTRA: the characteristics of the machine

ELECTRA has a single conveyor belt designed to act as both an automatic feeder and to transfer plates through the washing, rinsing and drying unit.

Self-adjusting driverollers accommodate different plate thicknesses (min 1.14 mm max 3.5 mm).
The washing, rinsing and drying functions are fully automatic.

Maintenance is much easier than traditional plate washers. In addition, our facilities can be remotely controlled at our offices H24. We remotely assess the situation of the machine, receive alerts or alarms related to operation, and can intervene via remote service with a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Safety and simplicity in plate washing

Thus, the advantages of a plate washer such as ELECTRA are basically twofold: plates are not damaged during washing operations.
The machine is simple, both in terms of maintenance and any spare parts, a typical feature of each of our plants.

ELECTRA’s electrical components are readily available in the market. We know that production downtime is very expensive for our customers, so we did not want to create a technical constraint in relation to spare parts.
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