Sirius 1800 Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank: Installation in Padova

18 Sep 2023

The equipment: Sirius 1800 ultrasonic cleaning tank. Location: in Padova, Italy, for a client in the flexographic printing sector, who uses both solvent-based and water-based inks.

Advantages of the SIRIUS ultrasonic technology

The cleaning system employs multi-frequency ultrasonic technology at 40 kHz. This technology ensures extreme protection for the ceramic of the anilox/sleeve for high-definition printing during the cleaning cycle, while guaranteeing excellent penetration even in cells with the smallest volumes. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a filtration system that gives the cleaning fluid a longer life, meaning it can perform multiple cleaning cycles with the same fluid.

SIRIUS combines high cleaning capacity with ease of use. The control panel has been designed to be practical and intuitive, accessible to any operator.

Submersion Ultrasonics: What does it mean?

The technology with which SIRIUS is made allows for module repairs without stopping the machine.

Traditional technologies opt for the solution of resin-coating individual transducers on the bottom of the cleaning tank. The breakage of a single transducer halts the entire machine’s operation. On the other hand, SIRIUS uses multi-housing technology where the transducers are placed. These housings rest on the tank’s bottom, are easily removable, and the absence of one does not stop the cleaning cycle.

Installing a cleaning tank means there’s no need to outsource cleaning anymore. This makes cleaning more frequent, improving printing quality and the lifespan of the anilox/sleeve. No more shipments of anilox/sleeve for third-party cleaning, resulting in significant managerial and economic savings in cleaning operations.

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