Ultrasonic washing and pressure washing: the differences

25 May 2023
Case study

Ultrasonic and pressure washing are currently the two top technologies on the market, however, let’s see in this article how they differ from each other. Let’s also see what kind of customer and washing needs one is better suited to than the other.

High-pressure washing technology: the features

High-pressure technology has the advantage of using very low amounts of detergents in its washing process. In fact, it is the 150-bar water jet that does the actual washing of the press system. However, it has a limitation: that of not being able to carry a high washing capacity beyond 400 lineatures. The cell volumes are very small and this can be penalizing.

Ultrasonic technology: the features

Ultrasonic technology uses water baths and alkaline products, so it has more significant pollutant consumption than pressure technology.

This, however, allows the in-depth washing of much finer and therefore more complex screens.

Ultrasound and pressure compared

Let’s see how the two technologies differ.

Principle of operation: ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in a liquid, which then implode on the surface of the object being cleaned. This implosion creates a washing action that removes dirt and contaminants from the surface. High-pressure cleaning uses a high-pressure flow-150 bar-of water or other liquid to sweep away dirt and debris from the surface of the object being cleaned.

Effectiveness and sustainability: ultrasonic cleaning is most effective, especially in cleaning small and intricate objects, such as jewelry, medical instruments, and electronic components, where other cleaning methods may not reach. But it results in alkaline products to be disposed of.
The residue from pressure washing can be recovered, so although less effective, we can say it is greener. 

Investment: high pressure is definitely a smaller investment than ultrasonic washing, which is why it is sometimes favored. But ultrasonic technology is definitely recommended for customers who print with metal-based colors or colors that by their nature are difficult to remove.

Overall, both ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure cleaning have unique advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of cleaning method will always depend on the specific cleaning application and the intended result.




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