Why a solvent distiller?

24 Mar 2023

A solvent distiller is a facility used to recover spent solvent used during washing processes. Solvent commonly used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical or printing.
Why consider purchasing a distiller?
In this article we explain the benefits of implementing a solvent distillation plant in your business, and which solutions LMG Green provides.

Distilling and reusing solvent: the advantages

If any step in your production process requires the use of solvents, you face numerous challenges such as their storage or disposal once these solvents are exhausted. Challenges that involve expenses that could be avoided with fully integrated solvent recovery, recycling and distillation solutions.

But the benefits of a distillation and solvent recovery plant do not end with just reduced expenses.

We also see the rest:

  • cost savings: solvent distillation can help you save money by reducing the need to purchase new solvents and disposal costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: reuse of solvents reduces the amount of waste produced by the company. This helps you respect your environmental obligations and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Improved product quality: solvent distillation can remove impurities and contaminants, obtaining a solvent of higher quality and effectiveness.
  • Safety: solvent distillation improves workplace safety by reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals. 
  • Efficiency: solvent distillers are designed to be efficient, the process solvents is quickly and effectively. This helps to improve overall productivity and reduce downtime.

Why recycling the solvent?

Using solvent in washing processes means worrying about purchasing, storage, and especially depending on outside companies for their disposal.
Large volumes of solvent, new or spent, mean big risks and stricter controls by regulators. A distillation plant helps you minimize the amount of solvent on the farm.
Recycling solvents directly on the farm opens the door to leaner and more sustainable operations. Automatic solvent recycling can be an integral element in a closed-loop system that maximizes efficiency, improves safety, and reduces labor.

Integrating a solvent recycling machine into an industrial plant is a highly cost-effective and efficient option for reducing costs and liabilities, regardless of solvent use or waste generation.

Our solvent distillation plants

LMG Green solvent distillers recover a solvent that retains the same chemical and physical characteristics as the original solvent: they do not modify it in any way, so it has the same washing capabilities as pure solvent.

They recover 95 percent of the solvent in the polluted mixture with a return on investment of 6 to maximum 12 months.

To all our customers we offer first-class, technologically advanced and highly functional solvent distillers and industrial washing equipment. Designed and built in-house.

Both the LM-LMG series and the LMA series are available in different models, with different configurations, for a wide variety of applications and requirements.
They can be remotely controlled at our offices H24: you can remotely assess the machine situation, receive alerts or alarms, solve problems by remote service with a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

We use extremely simple technical concepts because simplicity helps maintenance.

Overall, a solvent distiller can be a valuable investment for companies that regularly use solvents. As we have seen, it can help you save money, improve environmental impact, increase product quality, improve workplace safety, and increase overall efficiency.

Contact us and talk to us, and together we will find the best solution for your business.



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