distillatore solvente lm lmag

Automatic solvents recyclers, model LMA-LMAG

Solvent recovery

The LMA-LMAG models differ in the type of heating used.

  • LMA: Traditional diathermic oil heating;
  • LMAG: Induction heating, patented system.

The LMA model solvent distillers are designed to meet the needs of all companies that need to recover solvents in elevating quantities and with automatic processes.

An extensive catalog

A range of distillers for solvents of different types. ATEX EX II 3G versions are available (for Zone 2) and ATEX EX II 2G versions (for zone 1) with different configurations and load capacities 200 – 400 and 600 liters.

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Electrical panel on board the machine with color display with management of all settings through a single knob for both the ATEX 2G version (zone 1) and the ATEX 3G version (zone 2).


Remote control and diagnostics and the possibility of programming different cycles continuously.


Discharge of the hot residue without waiting time, in total safety, prepared for commercial or IBC 200-liter barrel.


To ensure the highest quality, all our distillers and equipment are certified according to current regulations.