Solvent recycling in the printing industry

24 Mar 2023

A printing press consumes between 20 and 25 liters of solvent per washing cycle.

Today consumption has increased because the printing market, compared to the past, is veering toward short runs that require many more color changes. This means more wash cycles and higher solvent consumption.
LMG Green designed a closed-loop system that automatically connects to the dirty and clean solvent tanks of printing presses. It takes the dirty solvent, regenerates it, and supplies it clean to the reservoirs from which it is then drawn to make new washes.

How does it work?

In printing presses, the washing machine tank fills with dirty solvent. This solvent is piped into the distiller, which is connected to all the washing machines to which it directly supplies the clean solvent it has recovered.

Automatically, it can be connected to all wash tank tanks, both LMG Green brand and other suppliers, to ensure clean solvent for new washing operations from inks.

The recovery of the solvent

LMG Green distillers recover 95 percent of the solvent in the customer’s polluted mixture. The return on investment ranging from 6 to maximum 12 months.

The recovered solvent retains the same chemical and physical characteristics as the original solvent: it is not modified in any way. It has the same washing capabilities as the pure solvent that the customer purchases.

What are the advantages?

The customer working without a distiller is forced to have large stockpiles of both purchased clean and dirty solvent waiting to be picked up by the disposer.

Large volumes of solvent imply great risks and stricter controls by art of the relevant agencies, such as the fire department. A distiller helps you minimize the amount of solvent on the farm!

As well as drastically decreasing both disposal and purchasing costs.

Why choose LMG Green?

LMG Green plants can be remotely controlled h24. Our offices receive any alerts or alarms, assess the situation of the machine, and we resolve the problem by tele-service, avoiding harmful downtime. And we reduce maintenance costs considerably.
We use extremely simple technical concepts because simplicity helps maintenance.

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