All LMG Green International Patents

07 Jul 2021

LMG Green is an advanced and high-tech company, an innovative start-up with decades of experience from its founders. Our internal department is dedicated with passion and constancy to updating our products. Thanks to an in-depth design study, International patents protect our innovative ideas realized on our wastewater treatment systems, on our solvent distillers and on cliché washing systems.

To be one step ahead of the others and excel in its sector, LMG GREEN develops innovative and highly technological solutions every day, we are constantly looking for unique and patentable technical proposals with a look towards the future.

Systems for the treatment of industrial water, cliché washing and recovery of exhausted solvents: LMG Green technology

Our company continues its growth path every day with determination. To create modern and functional wastewater treatment and solvent distillation systems, we remain constantly updated with the most advanced technologies. During our years of work we have managed to obtain important results and International Patents, which protect our innovative ideas realized on our water treatment systems, solvent distillation and cliché washing.

We currently have 3 patents:

  • GENIUS: designed for the treatment and sanitization of wastewater, it allows the reduction of the essential parameters to obtain disposal permits. An innovative and modern system.
  • ELECTRA: a specific flat plate washing system, characterized by cutting-edge technology and unique in the sector. A project entirely designed and built by our team of professionals.
  • LMG-LMAG: a completely innovative distillation principle with induction heating. An innovative, economical and ecological technology for the recovery of solvents and water.

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