The new site of LMG Green, a manufacturer of distillers for solvents / water and washing systems

07 Jul 2021

LMG Green is an innovative start-up that designs and manufactures systems dedicated to the recovery of solvents and waste water and industrial washing systems. The main purpose of the company is to design and assemble machinery with low environmental impact technology. Our equipment is studied in every detail and in total respect of the environment, obtaining a considerable saving of natural resources.

The main purposes of LMG Green are the regeneration and reuse of solvents and water in industrial processes, cost reduction, environmental protection and improvement of the quality of the production environment and the safety of working conditions.

LMG Green is online: the platform shows you all the recovery and washing systems of our company

To improve its competitiveness, LMG Green launches a new website. A clear and functional platform, easily navigated by any user.

The new website was created to present the company in all its peculiarities: from the company philosophy to the presentation of every single distiller for solvents / water or washing system, the platform makes accessible all the information necessary to better understand the production and products of LMG Green.

Thanks to a branched structure and modern design, the new LMG Green website becomes the company’s card. An innovative start-up able to provide the best solutions for different work sectors. LMG Green designs and manufactures distillers and state-of-the-art equipment for the regeneration of solvents and water in industrial work processes.

LMG Green is composed of a team of professionals who follow the production process at every stage. From the design study to the development of software, from the processing of sheet metal to assembly and testing, the company is particularly attentive to every detail of its products and produces top quality, efficient, functional and technologically advanced machinery.

For more information on the LMG Green product range, please contact us. Our staff is at your disposal, ready to provide you with all the information you need.


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