New Entry: Tankwasher W1

30 Mar 2023

A new entry for LMG Green: Tankwasher W1, a small container washing tank designed for internal drum washing.

Tankwasher W1 is the ideal washing solution for all businesses that need to wash solvent drums with a small and versatile system with low cost but excellent washing efficiency.
This can replace basic hand-washing operations, automating the process, and perhaps even recovering the solvent with an ad hoc connected plant.

What is it for?

Tankwasher W1 washes the classic 25-liter commercial drum soiled with inks.
The basket version – 500 mm diameter – can hold and wash small parts that, coming out of industrial processes, need to be degreased before use.

Think of the very small components typical of the goldsmith industry, or microprocessors for the electronics industry.

Its washing versatility makes it an extremely useful as well as cost-effective facility.

The recovery of the solvent

The drums used for rotary printing must be compulsorily washed before being disposed of or even reused.
Tankwasher W1 replaces handwashing operations, but not only that: it can be complemented with a distiller to recover the solvent used, helping to amortize the cost of the system, which still remains affordable even for smaller entities.

For washing water-based or UV inks, we propose dedicated detergents to be diluted with water.

Automated drum washing with a dedicated system frees from the risks and wasted time of manual washing, optimizes and speeds up operations. In addition, the quality of cleaning processes is superior.

If you would like more information about Tankwasher W1, please contact us!


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