Replacement and installation of automatic distiller LMA 600, Verona

24 Jul 2023
Case study

Replacement of an old distiller and installation of LMA 600 automatic distiller in Zevio, Verona, Italy, in a flexographic and gravure printing company.

The plant has been connected to the VEGA universal washing tank – a system we built in the past – for a fully automatic transfer from the tanks of the spent solvent tank to the distiller, and the recall of the distilled solvent from the distiller itself.

In fact, the customer had an automatic solvent treatment plant independently connected to the solvent management system itself. We replaced the heart of the distillation plant with a more profitable unit. We have kept active all pre-existing automatic clarified solvent transfer functions, such as those of pumping solvent to process.

The plant produces clarified solvent suitable for both printing press and tank washing processes and ink dilution using automatic viscometers.


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