Total monitoring and management of solvents in the company

06 Jun 2023
Case study

In-house solvent monitoring and management system for a Salerno printer client .

Our client’s facilities work 24 hours a day, and are used by several operators. The result is that it was not possible, until now, to have a clear idea of how much solvent is being used and whether it is being used appropriately.

We designed a monitoring system through ATEX load cells and flowmeters connected to all printing presses and pickup points in servitude to the printing presses and washing machines.
This system allows total monitoring of dirty and clean solvent flows within the company. It also transfers this data to the server through dedicated software so that daily reports on utilization are available.

It is possible to know how much dirty solvent to be treated is sent to the connected distiller, which utilities it came from, and the operator code that made the transfer. In addition, it is possible to have the same information regarding the profitability of the distiller and, consequently, the amount of distillate made available. 

Cross-referencing this information allowed our client to know the actual solvent uses in its wash cycles and to optimize waste to the maximum.

Total traceability of solvents, washing operations, and operator activities.

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