attrezzatura acqua lavaggio aries

Pneumatic manual washing cabin, model ARIES-ARIES SCREEN

Component washing

The ARIES washing cabin is designed to meet the needs of companies that have to wash any type of dirty component of pigments, inks, oils or fats. Its operation is completely pneumatic and safe in the use of flammable products.

Screen printing frames version

The ARIES washing cabin in the SCREEN version allows the washing of screen printing frames in compliance with the regulations, being equipped with fixed and sliding double glazing for protection from the operator.

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Brush dedicated to manual washing, powered by a pneumatic pump.


Discharge of the solvent by means of a device that avoids dangerous spills.


The rear wall has an optimally calibrated system to be able to connect an adequate suction system, which takes place through a venturi system, but can be connected to any suction system.


To ensure the highest quality, all our distillers and equipment are certified according to current regulations.