attrezzatura lavaggio acqua orion

Specific electric washing tank for tray and rack cylinders, ORION model

A specific model

The ORION washing tank has been designed to meet the needs of companies in the LABEL PRINTING sector that need to simultaneously wash cylinders, inking trays, side covers and racks.

The washing unit

The ORION washing tank is composed of a horizontally moving washing unit designed to reach, with its washing heads, all the components housed inside the tank.

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Customized and universal positioners suitable for housing all the components coming from the inking group from the printing press.


Safety guaranteed by the lid opening sensor and the vacuum valve.


Tanks supplied depending on the configuration chosen (washing/blowing – washing/rinsing/blowing) built in stainless steel, with a conical bottom to improve emptying and cleaning. Filtering group positioned inside each tank composed of washable stainless steel filters.


To ensure the highest quality, all our distillers and equipment are certified according to current regulations.