attrezzatura lavaggio acqua electra

Washing unit for horizontal clichés, ELECTRA model

Washing unit for clichés

The ELECTRA cliché washing unit is designed to meet the needs of printing companies that want to wash photopolymer clichés with non-flammable products.

A specific system

The ELECTRA cliché washing unit is specific for washing clichés with a minimum thickness of 1.14 mm and a maximum of 3.5 mm. Its washing, rinsing and drying functions are fully automatic and functional.

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Unique drag carpet designed to act both as an automatic loader and to transfer clichés through the washing / rinsing / drying group.


Self-regulation of the dragging rollers to accommodate different thicknesses of clichés (min 1.14 mm max 3.5 mm).


Fully automatic washing/rinsing and drying functions.


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