attrezzatura lavaggio acqua pegaso

Specific high pressure washing tank for anilox and sleeve, PEGASO model

A specific washing tank

The PEGASO high-pressure washing tank is made for the specific needs of the printing industry, where it is necessary to wash anilox or sleeves in depth. This washing system is suitable for anilox or sleeves with maximum lineatura 400.

The washing system

The ANILOX/SLEEVES is sprayed through nozzles with a chemical product heated to 40°C and then washed through high pressure with special nozzles that allow a deep and completely safe washing so as not to ruin the inking cells.

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Electrical control panel on board the machine, with PLC and customized program to manage the washing and blowing cycle automatically.


High pressure washing pump equipped with ceramic nozzle to wash the cells at a pressure of 120 bars.


Motorized and universal anilox/sleeves rotation support suitable for housing cylinders of various sizes.


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