distillatore acqua idra lavaggio

Water flocculator, IDRA model

Water treatment

The IDRA model industrial water treatment plants are designed to meet the needs of all companies that need to treat polluted water from industrial processes and reuse them in the production cycle.

The separation of the pollutant

The IDRA system allows the separation of the pollutant from the water through a chemical-physical process, with flocculant powder, and filtration. The system is composed of a reaction tank where the separation and thickening of the pollutant in flakes takes place.

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Safety guaranteed by the control sensors of the water tanks and the presence of flocculant dust.


Electrical panel with dedicated PLC and with the possibility of programming multiple cycles continuously, without the need for the presence of an operator.


Flocculant powder dispenser with minimum level control sensor.


To ensure the highest quality, all our distillers and equipment are certified according to current regulations.