distillatore solvente sirius

Specific ultrasonic cleaning tank for anilox and sleeve, SIRIUS model

Small and large sizes

The SIRIUS washing tank is suitable for cleaning both small anilox/sleeves, usually from the label printing sector, and large ones, coming from the FLEXXO-ROTO printing sector.

An evolved system

The SIRIUS washing tank is characterized by an ultrasonic system composed of piezoelectric heads contained in submerger transducers, which allow the insertion of modules on the bottom of the tank so as to facilitate maintenance or partial use of the tank.

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Washing group composed of technologically advanced systems.


Electrical panel on board the machine that allows you to adjust the number of revolutions of the anilox/sleeves and the regulation of the temperature of the washing liquid max 50 ° C.


Advanced technology with the use of submerger transducers that allows you to insert the modules on the bottom of the tank, allowing even partial use of the tank in the absence of one or more modules.


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